Younited adventure !

Ready to lead the instant credit revolution? Foolish enough to believe it can be fast and fun?
Welcome to Younited, a team of entrepreneurs!

Why work at Younited ?

As a proud member of the Next 40 since 2019, we have the ambition to be the European leader in instant credit. We believe that people are key to achieving our goal & that Younited has to offer the best to its employees. Younited makes every effort to ensure that each of you has a very rewarding experience that will influence you positively both professionally and personally.

#actasanentrepreneur is one of our values, and one of drivers as HR team. Trust, accountability, innovation, autonomy, right to make mistakes, these are the key words that will mark out your professional development at Younited : you will find individualized HR support to co-build your career path, including international dimension and focusing on internal promotion.

Younited is also committed to create the best working environment possible to help Younies focusing on business and on their mission : building an efficient and agile organization, ensure you evolve in a safe and inclusive space and keeping the company culture and proximity between teams (through events and team building) in a context of rapid growth are a priority.

Pauline Tolila, Sales Director
« Working at Younited is sumarizing in two words : excitement ; because each day is different with the new activity and the new product and team spirit ; because we are working closely with the other teams in Europe »
Laia Carbonera, Deputy COO Iberia
« There is no limit to what we can achieve in terms of technology, innovation, or career development. No limit is a pledge to aim high and push boundaries wherever they are »


Daniel Koussa, ALM Treasury Manager
« If you have an idea on how to improve or build something, you always have help from the other teams, working together : you come for the work and you stay for the people »
Ashvini Arunthavakumaran, Data Scientist
« We are all owners of our projects – Our work has a direct impact on the decision »


Our values

#Make it Simple 

Make it simple is a deliberate effort on our part, in everything we do, from conceiving products which we strive to keep as simple as possible to how we interact with each other internally, avoiding layers and silos.

#Act as an entrepreneur

Act as an entrepreneur is a state of mind. It means Younies are typically willing to take ownership of their ideas, successes and mistakes, and learn from them. It means that, working in teams, they’re able to turn ideas into reality.

#Innovate or die

Innovate or die means we, as a company, know no field in which innovation is not welcome, no matter how impossible it seems at first. Look at how we have disrupted the banking industry and challenged century-old institutions since we started!

#Faster is better

The value Faster is better is to be understood as “faster is better than perfect”. While we strive to do things well, we value speed over perfection, meaning that we are able and willing to decide and move fast.

#No limit

No limit is a pledge to always aim high and push boundaries, whatever they are: we never limit ourselves to what seems easily achievable. We believe that through hard work and a constant focus on the future, we can reach for the stars!

Younited by the numbers 

5 offices

Paris, Munich, Rome, Barcelona & Lisbon

Who are we ?

45% of our team are female and the average age of our team is 35

€1.1bn valuation

Younited's valuation reached €1.1bn in 2022 (29th French Licorn)



600 Younies around the world & +30 nationalities

Gender Equality

Gender Equality

93/100 obtained to the 2022 French Gender Equality Index

These teams are actively recruiting ! 🔥


Tech teams (~200 people) are responsible for the development of our tech platform to make it fully aligned with business challenges, product strategy, scalable, efficient and with the level of quality that our users deserve ! ​​

Product & UX🧩

The Product & User Experience team at Younited has an exciting and ambitious mission : building and scaling the leading instant credit platform in Europe.


Younited “Partnerships” Business Unit is the team dedicated to distributing our instant credit offers through partners


The Human Resources team is responsible for the recruitment, support and well-being of the people who work at Younited.

Risk & Data📈

Data mission is to deploy models at the heart of our decision system and perform key analysis on one side Younited. Risk team maintains high standard origination and minimize operational risk.

Internal control & compliance ✔️

The Internal Control and Compliance department ensures that Younited complies with all applicable laws and regulations, and efficiently manages non-compliance risks.


The Finance team at Younited regroups different teams focused on different scopes but all working together to ensure the company can continue its growth journey towards profitability.

Capital Markets🤝

The Capital Markets team is responsible for the distribution of the loans originated by Younited.

Marketing 📊

The Marketing team is responsible of brand awareness, while also driving potential and recurring customers to Younited services. It is the team that brings in traffic, retains it and helps Younited grow.


The Operations teams (approx 220 people in Europe), helps our customers go through their entire Younited journey.

Our teams are all over Europe

Work in Paris


Work in Rome


Work in Barcelona


Work in Lisbon


Work in Munich


Work in Europe


Benefits from joining Younited✨

A flexible
remote policy

We are flexible and we trust each other in order to get a good work/life balance 

An international work environment 

Opportunity to work in one of our offices in Europe great cities (Barcelona, Munich, Roma and Lisbon)

A continuous learning environment 

A continuous with dedicated trainings and half a day for the tech team to work on project


💖 An entrepreneurship mindset and a teamwork spirit

💬 An individualized managerial and HR support during onboarding and throughout the Younited journey

🤝 A particular attention to the work/life balance

👪 Support for young parents, including the opportunity of being part-time the week of return to the office : legal /  not part time 

✨ The opportunity of getting involved throughout the year with associations

🍝 Luncheon voucher  

🎉 Team buildings in each country, internationally and within your team

Younited is an Equal Opportunity Employer for any minority, disability, gender identity or sexual orientation.
Check our CSR policy

Younitour in Camargue, France (2021)