Proud of our 
CSR policy

At Younited, we believe money allows people to purchase goods & services and realize their dreams, but today’s banking products are opaque & overly complex.

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Details about Younited CSR policy

Younited’s commitment to CSR dates back to its very creation but in recent years, our ambitions have grown into a fully-fledged strategy and we’re putting CSR at the core of the business. By popular demand, we’ve launched a B Corp certification process and we feel there’s no limit to what we can achieve! 

In the meantime, we’re working along four pillars: 

🌂 Protect our clients – we offer regulated, simple and transparent products, and we leverage technology to offer a seamless user experience so that nothing gets in the way of our clients’ safety. 

🌱 Promote green practices – Whether it is monitoring the carbon footprint of our portfolio, trying to contribute to the circular economy through partnerships or simply having the greener offices possible, we try very hard to promote green practices in everything we do. 

🙆‍♀️ Empower people – our clients and our employees

  • For our employees, we offer career paths, training opportunities and, let’s be honest, an AMAZING work environment 😊
  • We are building an anti-harassment and discrimination policyand have assigned a referent internally.

🤝 Foster inclusion – Younited is an equal opportunity employer. We believe anyone, whatever their creed, age, nationality, disability, family situation has their rightful place among us. We are focus only on your abilities and performance. 

  • Younited obtained the score of 88/100 on the 2021 French Gender Equality Index*. This score shows our commitment to making Younited a company where all employees, women and men, have equal career opportunities.
    • Pay gap between women and men : 33/40
    • Difference in distribution of individual increases : 35/35
    • Number of employees receiving a raise after returning from maternity leave : 15/15
    • Parity among the 10 highest earners : 5/10
  • We ensure that parenting is not an obstacle to your career, we are flexible about return to work, and we are proud signatory of the #Parental Challenge, in France.
  • We are concretely and collectivellycommitted to sustain gender equality and have signed the French Tech Parity Pact.
  • Our recruitment team revamped and created equity plan to avoid discriminations and bias and implemented structured interviews in order to overcome common interview biases.