Meet our
talented teams !


Tech teams (~200 people) are responsible for the development of our tech platform to make it fully aligned with business challenges, product strategy, scalable, efficient and with the level of quality that our users deserve ! ​​

Product & UX🧩

The Product & User Experience team at Younited has an exciting and ambitious mission : building and scaling the leading instant credit platform in Europe.


Younited “Partnerships” Business Unit is the team dedicated to distributing our instant credit offers through partners


The Human Resources team is responsible for the recruitment, support and well-being of the people who work at Younited.

Risk & Data📈

Data mission is to deploy models at the heart of our decision system and perform key analysis on one side Younited. Risk team maintains high standard origination and minimize operational risk.

Internal control & compliance ✔️

The Internal Control and Compliance department ensures that Younited complies with all applicable laws and regulations, and efficiently manages non-compliance risks.


The Finance team at Younited regroups different teams focused on different scopes but all working together to ensure the company can continue its growth journey towards profitability.

Capital Markets🤝

The Capital Markets team is responsible for the distribution of the loans originated by Younited.

Marketing 📊

The Marketing team is responsible of brand awareness, while also driving potential and recurring customers to Younited services. It is the team that brings in traffic, retains it and helps Younited grow.


The Operations teams (approx 220 people in Europe), helps our customers go through their entire Younited journey.