Meet our talented
Finance team

The Finance team at Younited regroups different teams focused on different scopes but all working together to ensure the company can continue its growth journey towards profitability. It comprises (i) Finance Corporate (incl. Accounting, Controlling, Financial Control, ALM Treasury), (ii) Financial Operations (managing borrower and investor flows as well as securitizations), (iii) Strategy and Investor Relations, (iv) COO and Corporate Governance.

Team missions

The Finance Strategy team is in charge of defining and implementing the strategy and the financial targets of the Company, conduct M&A deals, and managing investor relations (board relations and equity events).

The Corporate Finance team brings together 4 smaller teams, each focused on :​

  • Accounting : mandatory in all compagnies, the accounting team is in charge of maintaining the general ledger recording all financial activities of Younited. It is the guardian of Younited full adherence to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).  ​
  • Management control : consists in the preparation of our detailed accounts and the preparation of reporting of all financial activities of Younited to help management make good decisions and manage the growth and profitability trajectory of the company. ​
  • ALM and Treasury management : the team has primary responsibilities to manage Younited asset and liability profile, as well as serve as its central treasury function. This team is also in charge of regulatory (notably prudential and liquidity) reporting to the regulators (ECB, ACPR). ​
  • Financial control : the team is in charge of monitoring the control environment of the Corporate Finance team to ensure it remains appropriate. This team acts as a specialized second line of defense focused on finance, treasury and banking operations. 

The Finance Operations team simply makes things happen at Younited once our clients have signed their contracts: we oversee disbursing cash to borrowers every day, and then orchestrate their monthly debit instalments. We also make sure their voluntary repayments are properly endorsed. Every week we transfer our loan production to various funds and SPVs, process their valuation and issue new shares to the investors subscribing them, providing them with tailormade reports. Finally, we manage the term-deposits that we collect from individuals across Europe to fund our balance sheet and loan portfolios. We use internal and external apps, interact with many teams inside Younited (Capital Markets, Tech, Finance, Compliance, Partnerships, etc) and directly face large partners, investors and close suppliers.

Daniel Koussa
ALM Treasury Manager